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You got a good idea.
You spent loads of time on drawing this, which I really respect.
But I can't understand in the least why you sound so bored when doing the voices. When you spend so much time and effort on a project like this, please give a little extra on the actuall acting.
The pace was quite slow most of the times. I found it more entertaining when it was faster. Fast quick jokes are better for the Newgrounds audience in my experience.
I do not think you are quite there yet. Keep working.


Very interesting.
Castle 3 looks extremely promising. Don't lose what you have and forget your originalidea.
As for Slakt. Well done. However what most fellow newgrounders is disturbed about is that the stick gets hit time after time and still stands. You should have focoused on explaining for those who does not speak swedish what he sings just then. 'Vem är det som står kvar, LOK står när de andra faller." "Who is it that remains standing, LOK stands where everyone else falls." Or something like that.
I enjoyed watching this. Sticks can be real interesting if done correctly.

Get-lost responds:

Heh maybe I should've done that :)


One of my favorite authors here does´nt disappoint

It´s been a little while since you uploaded anything here on Newgrounds. What happened to Battle Royal? I thought you were gonna finish that. Oh well. Plus you promised me in a earlier review that I made that you were going to continue making RE-movies. I´m waiting for those as well.
Oh, I guess this and part 2 will have to do until then. =D

This is where a good reviewer is supposed to write constructive critisism. But frankly I can´t think of anything really to say. Don´t confuse me with the regular reviews sayin: "OMG!!11! I LUV YOUR MOVI!!11 YOURE GREAT!!1!!1"
I love most of your movies, but I will never do that. Umm, the graphics. Perhaps the characters could use a bit more details. And the backgrounds. But thats your style and I love it anyways so you don´t HAVE to change very much.
The sound. The soundquality in the music is excellent. No complains. Good choices in music as well. The characters voices could use some improvement. Not how they speak, I love that. I really admire that accent. But the soundquality. Maybe now you think I´m picky but I have to complain about something. Everything can be improved.
Oh, and I really hope that future episodes will be longer. It would probably take a lot of time to complete, and maybe the filesize will rise but we can live with that. I mean, the latest episode of tomorrows nobodies is extremely long. Ask them for advice on how to make the filesize go down or something. Thats my advice.
Oh, I´ve written a bit here. Well, keep it up and continue making entertaining movies.

Baron-Fredrico responds:

Ah this is the kinda review I like. Valide points, I understand the problems with the sound and I'll fix them for the next one. As for the other animations I said I was going to do, they are still being done. I had writers block for ages and I could be bothered doing anything. I'm thankfully out of that now, so while I'm workin on Lame I'll keep going on with Battle Royal, Also "Lame" storylines are so felxable I should be able to make resident evil spoof work right into the story, wait for episode 4 for that one.

Thanks fer yer review, Pikka!
Always a pleasure!

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Hmm. Well. Original. But still pretty bad.

Well, this is a new kind of game.
However, it could be done soo much better. Add sounds and some animation of some sort. It looks rather boring as it is now.
But good programming. It´s a good idea. try to make it better and it could be addictive...perhaps.
Hehe. I got the time 4.934 with the comment: "Dude! Impossible!"

Good idea!

Honestly I don´t think that there is any other game here on newgrounds that uses the same battlesystem as the FF-games. Good idea! More please.
A bug that annoyed me is when you meet the red fighter for the second time is that I could not beat him. I got his hp to -200 but still he killed me. Is this supposed to happen? I could not use the Last Despair-thingie. That bugged me.
Anyway. Good game. You did well. I let you live a couple of days more. If you continue making games like this then I´d probably consider of completely letting you live. ;D
Naaah. Did I scare you? I did not want to kill you from the beginning. Aww don´t cry.

Heh. Nicely done.

But I figured out how it´s working. Although it took me some tries.
All the little symboles are changing after every try so no matter what number you choose, it will show the same symbol.
I liked it alot. I was really fooled at the beginning.

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I must say that I am impressed. It is unusual to find an artist here of you caliber. And you say that you have submitted your last piece to Newgrounds. A shame. I hope that means that you move on to more professional work.
I can only say that if I did a full motion picture some day I would like this to be a part of it.


Real nice man.
I enjoyed listening to it. Thinking of adding it to a flash Im working on.
Just waiting to get the downloader to work and then going to see how well it fits in.
Promising though man.
Nice work!

FlameMesial responds:

HAHA! Please put it in your flash that would rock. I'll vote 5 even if the movie sucks. Thanks for the review!

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